Is 'Cocktail' inspired by 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona'?

Cocktail Movie Poster
One boy, two girls and a blossoming love story - Now that's not really a theme that is new to Bollywood. In fact there have been hundreds of stories based on this single plot that have been told for years. However the twist in the tale comes when the trio seems to be happy in each other's company and is practically living together. Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty are walking this risky path and while it is indeed a new 'cocktail' in the offering for Bollywood, it appears that have Spanish counterparts for inspiration.
"From the basic plot perspective, it appears that the film draws strongly from 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona', a Spanish-English film that had made quite some buzz when release four years back", observes a hardcore movie buff, "The film which was set in Barcelona featured Spanish actor Javier Bardem in lead who played an artist in the film and enjoyed company of his ex-wife Penelope Cruz as well as new found girlfriend Scarlett Johansson. Now 'Cocktail' also seems to be treading the same path."
The promos have clearly indicated that Saif is finding good attention coming his way from Deepika as well as Diana though it is clear that together, the trio is in a platonic relationship.
"Of course there is no ex-wife in the picture here but in spirit the film seems to be borrowing from the Woody Allen musical. There is a carnival kind of atmosphere which was the hallmark of 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' as well. Moreover both films deal with liberation of human emotions with no ties attached. When released, 'Vicky....' has opened to rave reviews and had also shocked many due to its uninhibited portrayal of a love triangle. Now expect the same in 'Cocktail' as well because this is again a love triangle with a difference. A huge one that actually", comments an industry insider.
For obvious reasons, the makers are not yet willing to talk about inspiration, if any. However one can see that the film would indeed raise many a eyebrow on its release due to it's unconventional appeal and obvious comparisons with the source from which it has been seemingly inspired.

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  1. For me this movie is definitely inspired by Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I heard some what same music in Cocktail