Anna in New Delhi for hunger strike

Anna Hazare in press conf. at Delhi

Hazare on Saturday said that the Congress-led government at the Centre was 'drunk' with power before he left for New Delhi on Saturday.

He criticised the government over its efforts to enact the anti-corruption law, that has been delayed for four decades, and proposes to set up an independent ombudsman (Lokpal) with police-like powers to prosecute civic institutions and figures.

"This government is intoxicated by power and money. It cannot see anything else. They have forgotten the sacrifices by the likes of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru. Like a drunk man becomes unconscious, similarly the government is unconscious,” he said on Saturday.

"It is our job to get them into their senses. This is only a day-long agitation, after December 27, it will be a long agitation. Today that you all are here, I am energised," he said, reiterating his warning of launching another protest movement of the Lokpal law was not passed this month.

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