Hindi feature film premieres in Kalyan

Finally, the historic city of Kalyan was chosen as a destination for premiering the feel-good, youthful and zany Hindi film, titled Three Nights and Four Days. On Friday last, October 9, the first experimental movie to roll out of the Maxwell Entertainment was screened at Cinemax, Khadakpada, for a small eager audience by one of the producers, Sunil Pathare.
Poster of film
The star-studded cast of the movie directed by Devang Dholakia, drove down straight to the distant central suburb whose popular and persistent image, in tony Mumbai, is that of the rickety tongas still plying from crowded railway stations, on narrow twisted streets. Things are, however, changing fast in this developing place. And Pathare wanted to show that to the glitterati.
“As I belong to Kalyan, close friends suggested that my first movie should be released in Kalyan.  I liked this idea very much. Nobody has done that so far. I wanted to register the name of the town on the stars and the crew. This was first such event in the history of Bollywood.
Earlier the preferred choices were always posh Versova or Juhu. Luckily, my stars understood my point and were kind enough to come to Kalyan for the premiere of the movie,” informs a happy Pathare, an MD in V I P Industries.
The visiting stars included the hero of the film Anuj Shahani, the heroine Hrishitaa Bhatt and other important artists like  Farid Amiri and Sameer Aftaab. It is a sleek film shot 90 percent in Goa and has got a contemporary touch to it. “Its larger appeal is for the urban youth of today.
The message of the film is that right kind of friendship is essential in life and one must cultivate good friends,” says Pathare. After listening to 50-60 scripts, Pathare liked the concept of the present film and decided to produce the same for his company’s banner.
“It is our desire to diversify into the entertainment industry also. I was looking for a theme that could connect with today’s audiences. I found the script quite interesting. It has shaped up well. This is our first offering to the discerning public.
Our next venture called Jail with Madhur Bhandarkar is also ready for release in November,” says Pathare. He is on the look-out for more interesting subjects. The producer says talents from Kalyan and nearby suburbs are welcome and can be considered for their other projects.
“People from the central suburbs have to work very hard in Bollywood. I would sure love to try artistes from these places in my upcoming ventures in future, provided they meet our expectations,” he adds.

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