'Believers' celebrate with cars, cakes

MUMBAI: The uniqueness of the date 11.11.11 had many Mumbaikars in its thrall on Friday. While some chose to buy or book cars and electronics, others went to the extent of opening new enterprises on the 'special day'.

Mohit Khamboj was one of those taken by the rareness of the date. In a grandiose function, he performed the bhoomi puja for his upcoming residential apartment in Goregaon and floated a new infrastructure and entertainment companies. In the evening, Saurabh Shetty, a restaurateur, inaugurated a lounge bar at his Grant Road hotel. Both Khamboj and Shetty waited for the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year to start their new businesses.

"For me the digit 1 indicates supremacy and royalty. My vehicle and mobile numbers too contain the digit. Even the residential apartment I am building will sell at a rate of Rs 11,111 per sq ft," said Khamboj.

Jiten Patel, the manager of National Garage in Haji Ali, said they delivered 17 cars to customers on Friday besides receiving bookings for five cars and making registry for another five. Such a rush, Patel added, is normally witnessed on Ganesh Chaturthi. Most of the customers told Patel on Friday that they thought 11.11.11 was a good day to get a new vehicle.

Not too far from Haji Ali, NBS car showroom on Marine Drive too got a flood of requests for car deliveries. "Buyers said it was a date that comes once in a lifetime, so they wanted to make it special by buying something," said Swapnil Mohile, a consultant at the showroom.

In Worli, the manager of an automobile showroom, Sachin Gupta, said he received 22 bookings and 42 enquiries. "Going by the rush, it appears a special day for people. They are buying both luxury and smaller cars. Many of them feel it is not just a special date but an auspicious one too," Gupta said.

At the regional transport offices in Panvel, Thane and in Mumbai, the rush to register cars and two-wheelers was high, said registry agents Vilas Bhosale and Anil Kulgaonkar. Meanwhile, some Mumbaikars chose the day to party.

Aniruddha Talgaonkar and his family friends from Ghatkopar left the city on Thursday morning to enjoy a long weekend. But before he left, Talgaonkar bought a cake from a nearby bakery with 11.11.11 written on it. On Friday, they cut the cake exactly at 11.11pm to make "the day special". "As per numerology, the date is good for most of our family members and friends and hence we decided to celebrate," Talgaonkar said. Ajay Bedi, a Nerul resident, could not party on Friday because he was touring, but he said he would ensure that 12.12.12 is special.

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